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What kinds of schedules do you offer?

Data Delete strives to be your partner.  We can accommodate your secure shredding needs for one time, yearly, monthly, bimonthly, weekly, or by will-call,   

Will-call accounts will be addressed as soon as possible but may be delayed by schedules for set route stops.  We will always get you on the schedule at the first available opportunity!  Will-Call accounts may be delayed 1-2 rotations before pickup depending on regular route customers.

What can be put in shred totes?

This question is asked often.  Here is a list of what can be put into the shredding bins.

Information on PII can be found at




light aluminum that can be bent by hand

What can you NOT put in shred totes?

Do to a change from our recycler we are very limited on what we can take:

CDs without cases

DVDs without cases

printer cartridges/tapes without packaging

backup tapes

shipping/mailing sleeves with PII

Medication packaging with PII

Plastic without PII/PPI

Steel (Three-ring binders)




Plastics for packaging

Hard Drives (separate service)

packaging material

general garbage

Though the machine can handle these things, the recycling process can not.  Most of these items will corrupt a load and not permit it to be recycled and can cause additional fees assessed for dumping in the landfill.

food/food wrappers/food containers\

Why do you still give a fuel surcharge?

Although gas prices have come down in the last few months, we run on Diesel.  Historically, diesel is significantly lower cost than regular unleaded gasoline.  Due to many factors, diesel is still running much higher than it should.  As of 3/20/23 the average price for diesel is 4.673 per gallon.   Our mobile shred truck gets about 7-9 miles per gallon on diesel.  Diesel is much less refined than gasoline and therefor the cost should be much lower.  Sadly it has not fallen and we must pass the cost on to you to keep the service running.  We will remove the surchage as soon as it is financially feasible for us to do so.  However, with other costs affecting us, we may have to remove the surcharge but raise base prices as our costs for labor and general expenses have gone up like everyone else.   Please know our goal is the best service with the best costs to our customers.  We thank you for your continued support of our small business

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